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Will volunteers still be required to print their own badges online?

No, a Raptor sticker will be printed when the volunteer checks in the front office of the school and must be worn at all times while on campus.

Do current LISD employees need to complete a volunteer application?

No, all current LISD employees will automatically be uploaded into the Raptor Volunteer Module as approved volunteers. New to the district employees will be uploaded once a month.

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PTA Survey

The Jim Plain Elementary PTA's purpose is to foster every child's potential in pursuit of excellence through engaging our families, community, and school resources.
The PTA coordinates and sponsors many in-school and extracurricular activities and events. Volunteers work together to help make these things possible. Our community of teachers, staff, parents, caregivers, and students all contribute to the fun, vibrant, learning community.
We recognize the time commitments our parents and guardians have to children, careers, and philanthropic work. The PTA is appreciative of any time you can share, whether a shift at an event like Book Fair or chairing an event like the Fall Festival. No contribution of time and effort on your part is too small. Your volunteering efforts not only help our teachers and students, but also offer a way for you and your family to become more connected to the Jim Plain community.
Please let us know your interests by taking a short survey HERE, and we will work with you to help you find the right volunteering opportunity. Additional volunteering opportunities will be posted throughout the year on our Plain PTA Website, newsletter and the Plain Elementary PTA Facebook. Thank you! Please contact us via Email with any questions.