Become a Hero by Entering Reflections! 

1. Choose a category

2. Make a Plan

3. Create

4. Write about it

5. Turn it into the office before November 5th @3:30pm

PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home.  Students may choose one or all of the available art categories:  Film Productions, Dance Choreography, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.  Students may enter any or all of the six art categories.  

Visit our 2017-2018 Reflections Gallery to see examples of entries that were awarded at the state level of judging last year.


Reflections is an Idea and Art contest

Here is what you need to know so you can get to creating! We recognize you are an essential part of this program, so please help your child(ren) to:

1. REFLECT (as the program is so named) about the theme. Have a guided discussion about the theme (see tips below). This year's theme is "Heroes Around Me."

2. Enable creation--provide the supplies and talk with them about their needs for the project.

3. Review and comply with the rules for your child(ren)'s chosen medium, here.

4. Prepare your child(ren)'s piece for submission, including a Student Entry Form in a sheet protector. The entry form may be printed here.

5. Submit their completed works by November 5, 2018.

Thank you for helping your child(ren) express themselves and experience the joy of creating something in the Fine Arts.

Eligibility and participation information may be found here


How to have a guided conversation with your child(ren):

1. Ask your child(ren): What do you think "Heroes Around Me" means? Who are some heroes in your life? What more do you want to explore about everyday heroes? How can recognizing heroes help you or the world be better? Etc.

2. Listen to your child(ren). Make note of their answers and ask follow-up questions.

3. Ask, "How could you show this?" through any of the artistic categories (above).

4. Let your child explore their ideas. Help them gather supplies and support their creativity.



The 5 "Ws" of Reflections

Who: Students (pre-K through 12) plus students with special needs (special category)

What: Create and submit ORIGINAL works of art in Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts on the annual theme. This year's theme is "Heroes Around Me". Entries must be submitted with a completed Student Entry Form.

Where: Entries are submitted to the Reflection boxes in the library

When: by November 5, 2018

Why: To encourage students to express themselves and to give positive recognition for the Fine Arts. Entries are judged primarily on how well the student uses the medium to communicate his/her reflection on the theme.

Click here for more information on rules, eligibility and entry forms.