There are opportunities for anyone wanting to volunteer. It doesn't matter how much or how little time you have.
In the Classroom:
Room Reps- Room rep are the first line of help for the teachers. When a teacher needs help with a project, class party, or just every day help in the room, they turn to the room rep for that class.
Class Library Helper- A class library helper assists the kids when they're in the library, usually once a week. This helper might assist kids in checking out books, following library rules, or even putting returned books away.
In the School:
Kindergarten Lunch- Kindergartners need a lot of help! From getting pre-packaged foods open to just following the rules of the lunch room, they need adults to give them a  hand.
Library- The librarian could always use volunteers to help put books away throughout the day. Doing a little bit here and there can help keep the books from backing up. Helpers are also needed in the Spring and Fall to assist with the Book Fair.
Mentoring- If you have an hour once a month, you can be a mentor. Mentors will meet with kids during the school day (frequently at lunch time) and just let them know that they can be successful people and that there are adults that love and care about them. It's a rewarding way to reach a kid one on one.
The Work Room- There are always items in the work room that need to be done. Teachers put in requests for die cuts, laminating and other projects.
On a Committee:
note: Committees are a great way to participate if your schedule is limited. Committees frequently have much more work done from home and meetings are usually scheduled around the members of the group. 
Teacher & Staff Appreciation- Did you know we say "thank you" to our teachers and staff all throughout the year? The Teacher & Staff Appreciation Committee comes up with little ways to say thank you every month.
Fundraising- Fundraising Committee is a really fun way to be involved all year long. There are thousands of companies that do nothing but school fundraisers. The fundraising committee will sort through the various fundraising opportunities that are presented to us and choose the ones they feel would be a good fit for Jim Plain families. This committee is also responsible for scheduling restaurant give back nights and locating companies willing to donate to the PTA.
Events- This committee is responsible for all the events you'll see around the school including Fall Fest, Spring Fling and Winter Wonderland.
Volunteer- The volunteer committee helps to find people willing to help the school including community organizations that will send volunteers for events. This committee also helps to find people to fill volunteer openings throughout the year.
For more information on volunteering at Jim Plain Elementary, please contact Anna Smith at plainelempta@gmail.com