Check out the links to the left to get information on our upcoming restaurant give backs! 
What is a Restaurant Give Back?
A give back is when you patronize a restaurant on a certain day and notify them that you are from our school. A percentage of your order will be donated back to us.
Why restaurants?
Because pretty much everyone eats out from time to time. These give back nights allow us to go out and have fun (and not be stuck cooking), but to also raise money for our cause at the same time.
Can non-parents contribute?
YES! You can get everyone you know involved! Flyers are downloadable on this website. Print them out and hand them to neighbors, friends, family members, co-workers or even strangers at the restaurant. Every little donation counts.
Why do you need the money? 
The PTA is responsible for putting on programs like Fall Family Fun Night, Field Day, Cookies with Santa, and Math & Science Nights. We also purchase snacks for students during state testing, pay for expenses associated with Red Ribbon Week, purchase the student planners and contribute to each grade's field trips. Additionally, we're working hard to get a shade structure over our playgrounds to shield the kids from the hot Texas sun. We need all the support we can get from Jim Plain families and the community.